Trip Planning Assistance

Expert one-on-one help finding and buying flights with cash or credit card points/airline miles.

Although we send out tons of great deals to our members, some have very specific needs to travel on certain dates and times. If that is you, this service is for you.

Here's what our flight planning service includes:

Communication through text or email to learn your preferences (e.g. low fare, less, specific product needs) and use our extensive industry knowledge to find the best possible travel options for you.

Extensive search for flights maximizing your frequent flier points (we are experts with this) or finding you the best possible deal when paying in $.

Handle the complex transfers from credit cards to airline mileage programs for you.

Book your flights (using frequent flier points and/or cash and known traveler numbers) and send you everything you'll need to fly.

Assign the best seats available.

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