About Bay Area Flights

Bay Area Flights is your number one place to get access to deals flying out of local bay area airports (SFO, OAK and SJC). Our founder has been travel hacking for 15+ years and has visited over 60 countries using his methods.

Other deal companies send users tons of "deals" that aren't really that great, and many flights they show you aren't even relevant because they dont fly out of the Bay Area.

We have compiled all our knowledge to get our customers FIRST ACCESS to book amazing travel deals, such as $500 round trip flights to asia from SFO in LIE FLAT BUSINESS CLASS, or $80 round trip fares to NYC from SFO (direct) in economy. Other sample deals include $150 round trip from OAK to Sydney, Australia, and $120 round trip OAK to Nashville.

The only way to get access to these incredible deals is to get notified fast, which is why email doesn't work for most people. To jump on these deals before they quickly expire, our system is really the best way.

Our travel hacking team was born and all live in the bay area, so we know this market very well, and know how to find insane deals.

If you want the most amazing deals imaginable, this is your place to start!